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Provide Better Customer Service with Virtual Receptionist Services

When you aren’t available to answer the company telephone every time it rings, you may not only miss out on potential business but you also weaken your relationship with your existing customers.

In-house receptionists can get expensive and as a start-up or a small business, you may not be able to afford a full-time employee, which means that you will either have to accept the fact that you can’t get to the phone all the time or find an alternative solution. When you can’t afford or simply don’t want to hire a full-time receptionist, virtual receptionists can help you answer your phones and be more attentive to those interested in your business.

What Is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is somebody off-site who answers your phone when people call your business. Phone calls are redirected so that your virtual receptionist can answer them on behalf of your business. This is always kept professional and personalised to your business specifically.

Most of the time, virtual receptionists provide round-the-clock coverage but telephone answering services can be tailored to meet the demands of your business. Whether you need 24/7 coverage or simply need to handle call overflow during a busy season, you will be given the tools that you need to effectively manage your company phone calls.

Perfect for Start-ups and Small Businesses

If you are just getting your business started, you may not have the money to put into a full-time employee no matter how badly you need one. Luckily, virtual receptionists from Message Direct are far more affordable and since not everybody will require the same level of service, pricing is quite flexible and determined by the level of support that you require.

Even when you may be able to afford another employee, this doesn’t mean that it’s the most practical decision. Maybe you only need an extra person to handle calls at a particular time of the day or the year, in which case you can have your virtual receptionist cover only this time period.

Always Available for Customers

Somebody answering your phone is better than nobody answering your phone as customers who get your answering machine are less likely to call back.

With a virtual receptionist standing by to take phone calls, your customers never go to voicemail and instead get a live receptionist no matter when they call. Even during the busiest season, you can have live receptionists ready to handle all of the overflow.

As a result of always being available, you can provide a better service to customers, respond to all inquiries, and collect all possible business that comes your way.

Handling Calls Your Way

Your telephone answering service providers make sure that they are answering your calls the way that you want them to. Before getting started, you can brief them on all of your requirements, ask any questions, and explain how you want the phone to be answered so that it’s consistent with your business and the image that you want to project.

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