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Professional Linen Cleaning Makes a World of Difference

If you work in the hospitality industry, you know how important clean linen is to your business. Whether you need the linen in your kitchen, in your hotel, or in your restaurant, you want to make sure that everything is spotless and immaculate. Not only should the towels and sheets you use look their best, the uniforms worn by the kitchen staff should also appear pristine and clean.

Do You Need Chef Apparel?

If you manage a commercial kitchen, you already know the importance of hygiene. The clothing, utensils, and equipment should be maintained daily. If you choose to go with a company that provides linen cleaning services for chef attire, you want to make sure you have regular access. Usually, this type of clothing can be rented in the form of jackets, trousers, and aprons.

Prevent Unexpected Charges

When opening a rental cleaning account, you normally need to wait a couple weeks before receiving the uniforms. Should you want to close your account, you only need to give the company a month’s notice. Make sure the company you choose can switch out sizes without charging you extra for the service too. Any money you pay should be clear cut from the beginning. You do not want to be surprised by unexpected charges.

Selecting a Chef Jacket

If you select chef clothing, you will find you can choose from several designs. For example, you can choose chef jackets in white or black and in premier, gourmet, and oxford styles. You can also select between long or short sleeves. Featured aprons are available in a butcher, bib, or waist design. You can also choose gourmet styled aprons in colours, such as olive, mocha, and slate.

Choosing Chef Trousers

Chef trousers come in blue and white or black and white small checks, or you can select a drawstring trouser in black. Besides the aforementioned apparel, you can also find linen for your kitchen and restaurant in the form of kitchen cloths, tea towels, glass cloths, oven cloths, and waiters’ cloths. When you go with a full-service linen rental and cleaning company, you can address just about every linen requirement.

Soft and Fluffy Towels

For instance, maybe you need linens for your hotel property. You can easily set up an account with a rental business to have top quality sheets and towels cleaned and replaced regularly. Nothing pleases a customer more than luxuriating in a bed with soft and clean sheets and pillow cases. Your guests will also love linens in the form of soft and fluffy towels.

Checking the Quality

Besides for the bed and bath, you can also rent linens to supply your guests’ needs for leisure towels or bath robes. When you work with a top-line linen rental company, all these items go through a thorough quality control check. That way, you will be happy with the results and so will your guests.

Contacting the Company

Regardless of your specific linen needs, you can enquire by phone or contact a full-service linen cleaning business by email. State what you are seeking in cleaning services and receive a free quote today.

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